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Move your business forward

Move your business forward

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Welcome to Lezwan

It is a Saudi group of companies established in United States of America In Los Angeles, California and it was named "Lezwan" after the well-known international director (Lezwan Shiflett Keith).

It is specialized in Audio Visual Production Event Management Creative Designing Digital Marketing and Business Development

Our vision

To be one of the best pioneering companies in our field globally through the long-term strategic plan for expansion and providing the suitable ambiance for our employees who we consider the main element in pursuit for success to the system.


Because we are unique in many specialized fields which we conĀ­fined in one place in order to enable our client to perform all his/her works as easy as possible. For this, Lezwan was very keen to attract the best-trained and specialized staff in these fields.

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Our Services?

Digital marketing
Management of the Social media accounts, Digital advertisement via social media websites (google, twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube)
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Event management
We depend upon the advanced planning to organize Organizing national and international fairs and conferences
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Media production
Production of short movies,Production of documentary movies,Production of motion pictures and TV series.
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Creative designing
Brand designing, Trademarks, Indoor and outdoor ads designing, 3D designs.
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Administrative businesses development
Consulting services in high management including, Consultations in management (general management, HR management, production management, PR management), Market studies and researches.
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Our Team

Our employees represent the heart and soul of the company and each one of them is specialized in his/her field, for this Lezwan was very keen to attract best of the best employees in their fields.

Mohammed AlHassan
Hanan Ali Ahmed
JED General Manager
Amen Majdie Qabany
MED General Manager

Hussian Eskander
Cinematography Director
Dana Ali Mehsen
Social Media Specialists
Majdah Mustafa Ali Alshair
Administrator Advisor

Ali Abu Essam
Financial Manager
Mahmoud Sahiel Khalif
Robert Montaros
Graphic Designer

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